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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Photo Permissions


Schools need and welcome positive publicity including images of pupils, school publications and on our school website, this can be motivating for the pupils and staff involved, and provide a good opportunity to promote the work of the school and celebrate the schools achievement with parents. Schools have a duty of care towards pupils, which means that pupils must remain unidentifiable, reducing the risk of inappropriate contact, if images are used in this way. Here, at Cropwell Bishop Primary School we take the issue of child safety very seriously, and this includes the use of images of pupils.

We ask that parents, consent to the school taking and using photographs and images of their children. Any use of children’s images is underpinned by our Use of Children’s Photograph Policy, a full copy can be found on our website or request a copy from the school office. This policy states that:

• Photographs and video images of pupils are classed as personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1988. Therefore using such images for school publicity purposes requires the consent of either the individual concerned or in the case of pupils, their legal guardians.
• Photographs of children on the school website will not include names.
• We will only use images of children in suitable dress.
• We will never use an image of a child who is subject to a court order.
• Images are stored securely and used only by those authorised to do so.

These conditions follow good practice guidelines set of by the Department of Education and the LEA.
There may be occasions when local press are in school to take photos of events to accompany stories in their newspapers. This is a great publicity for the school.

Photo and name in displays within the school premises
Photo on school website without name
Photo in newspaper without name
Photo in brochure without name