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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School


Cropwell Bishop Primary School is part of Equals Trust

Governors of ‘The Acorn Federation’ (Cropwell Bishop Primary School and Burton Joyce Primary School)

 Mr Chris Keast    
 Captain Russell Gallacher  Mrs Carolyn Herrington  
 Mr Jeremy Lee  Ms Kerri Kirk  
 Mrs Helen Mullen  Mr Lyndon Williams  
 Mrs Michele Newham  Mr Richard Bateson  
 Mr Richard Prescott  Mrs Jenny Cook  
 Ms Louisa Hussey    

Register of Business Interests - Acorn 2018

The federated governing body will:

  • Have a balance of members from each side
  • Have a commitment to fairness in the leadership of the governing body, eg, the chair and vice-chair will be representative of the two schools/communities
  • Have a commitment to equality in the priorities in the Federation Strategic Plan and equality of the number of priorities in each School Improvement Plan
  • Assess the impact of decisions on both schools when considering staff or shared services
  • Support and monitor both schools equally
  • Ensure governors from both communities will familiarise themselves with both schools, their strengths and their challenges
  • Work as one entity to support the governors within it, regardless of which community they represent
  • Honour the mission statements of both schools to direct resources
  • Ensure that both schools retain their individual identities.