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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Class R



Class R  2019 - 2020

We've loved having every one of you in our class this year.

Watch the video to see us sending kisses around for one last time.


Email -

We have set up new email addresses for all the teachers so your children are able to send them examples of what they are doing, get some encouraging words and generally to remain in contact as the school closure continues.

I hope this will be useful for your children’s wellbeing – it is motivating to get some feedback when something new has been tackled, a new skill learnt or something they are proud of is made. Email contacts are at the bottom of this information sheet.

We have allocated every child a first point of contact. This will be either their teacher and for some children, Mrs Beavis who is our ELSA.

We have thought carefully about how to make this work and have decided on the following to try and make this manageable and safe for everyone:

  • All emails must come from an adult’s email address. Staff have been asked not to reply to any emails that come from children’s own email addresses. I know that most primary age children will not have their own email but some do. We do want emails to come from children themselves in order for them to show what they have been doing, but this needs to be under the control and supervision of adults.
  • We need to keep things manageable for the teachers in terms of our expectations of them. Bear in mind we all, teachers included, face different situations at home that are definitely not normal and it may not always be possible for a teacher to respond immediately. Teachers will be accessing emails from time to time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please bear in mind that if your child’s teacher does not usually work that day (for example Mrs Simpson and Mrs Bradley on Mondays) you will not receive a reply on that day. Please also bear in mind that although school is shut to the majority of pupils we are still open for Key Worker’s children and staff are still working on a rota basis in the school building which may affect the time it takes them to respond.
  • We also have to take into account that there may be times when teachers, for their own personal reasons, are not able to respond at all for a period of time. As you all do, many teachers are looking after their own children at home, or may be caring for elderly relatives.  If at any point we need to, you may be given an alternative point of contact. Please do not email different teachers if you do not get a reply immediately
  • I see this contact between children and their teachers as being a very useful way of maintaining the link between home and school but of course it can never replace the actual teaching. Teachers will not be able to ‘teach’ via email, but they will be able to comment, celebrate, and share in successes.
  • Teachers may also be able to offer guidance in some ways to you as parents but I can envisage it would be very hard for teachers via email to get in to the nitty gritty of ‘what is the best way of teaching the bus stop method of division’ type of question. Hopefully the resources and guidance we are providing via the website should help with these sorts of queries should you have them.
  • Any questions or advice regarding your child’s Special Educational Needs can be directed to Miss Arnold. She may have already have made contact with parents whose children may access support in school. 
  • Mrs Beavis is our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. She will be in touch with the parents of the children she works with to arrange how this contact may work.
  • Of course you can continue to contact school through the usual email address – and don’t forget to send anything you would like celebrating on the website to Mrs Thorpe.

Thank you as always for your support.

Louisa Hussey

Head Teacher


Here are links to some useful websites to help you with you homework:-