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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Friends of School

Next Event   

 Virtual Stilton Stumble!
A virtual event to raise funds for
FOS and Scouts. Run or walk 10 km
on a route of your choice. All entries
receive a commemorative medal. Entries open
Sat 18 July at £8 for over 15, under 15 £6.

Money Raised This Year:-

FOS fundraising activities had to cease at the point the school was closed, as a result of this, FOS has missed out on vital fundraising opportunities including our ‘Summer Bonanza’ in addition to school discos, cake and ice cream sales and film nights to name but a few. In addition, the annual ‘Stilton Stumble’ has had to be cancelled and it is not clear when we will be able to run any fundraising events in the future. The Stilton Stumble and Summer Bonanza alone raise in the region of £5k for FOS. As such, FOS funds are going to be significantly reduced for the 2020/21 academic year and also 2021/22.

As many of you know, FOS does not just pay for the ‘extras’ and the ‘nice to haves’, FOS pays for essentials. For example, last year we spent £254 on library books, £586 on SATs GCP Books, £300 on painting aprons, £178 on dictionaries, £150 on year 5 class blinds and £3,000 on the iPads. FOS is also committed to paying £3,000 for the next two academic years to fund the iPads. We have the funds available to do this, however, this will mean funding for other essential school resources will be very
limited. The impact of reduced FOS funds will therefore be felt by all the children.

iPads - October 2019

From the funds that The Friends of School have raised they have purchased a class set of iPads for the school. There was great excitement in Class 5 as they were the first class to use the iPads. The children used them for Times Table Rock Stars and really enjoyed their session on them. All the classes will be able to use the iPads to help with their class work and they will be a real asset to the school. 

Thank you to The Friends of School and everyone who supports their events.


What is Friends of School?
Friends of School (FOS) is a registered charity comprising of volunteers who work together to raise funds by organising fun events for the children and the community. The funds are used for essential and additional school resources which directly benefit our children. The more support we get from parents, carers and families the more positive the impact we can make for our school.

Would you like to join or support FOS?
We’d be delighted to welcome new members to FOS, so don’t be shy! Approach your class rep for a chat to understand more about what and how we do things. You’re bound to have a skill or talent that could benefit FOS and our fundraising activities. It is really rewarding and a terrific opportunity to get to know other parents and that little bit more about the school too!

Ways to get in touch:-
facebook: Friends of School - FOS
Cropwell Bishop primary school

Chair -Suzy Clayfield (Year 2 and YR parent) 

Secretary - Sarah Trevors (Year 3 and Y1 parent) 

Treasurer - Claire Ciana (Year 3 parent)

Teacher Representative – Suzy Bulmer (Y1)

FOS Class Representatives
The aim of the class reps is to:
1. Be a link with a Specific Class Parent / Carer Body & with Class Teacher, Class & Class
2. Bring feedback, Class Requirements & Fundraising Proposals to Committee;
3. Communicate & Promote FOS Events to the class; and
4. Recruit helpers to FOS events.
We are really excited about this new role and hope to engage the interest of a wider group of children, parents/carers and the community.
This will help direct FOS funds to be spent where it is most needed.

Class Representative Representative
R Aimi McCaffery Lucy Gallacher
1 Helen Jepson Helen Fenner
2 Zoe Boon Claire Ciana
3 Nicola Croft  
4 Tracey Harrison Tracey Wolstenholme
5 Helen Auty Carolyn Herrington
6 Sandy Groves