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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

VE Day Competition

VE day 75th Anniversary Celebration – Beaufort Park Hotel ...

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, the posters and poems are fantastic.

The results are as follows:-


1st - Carys Powell, Class 2

2nd - Dylan Varnam, Class 1

3rd - Orla Jordan, Class 1


1st - Alex Cooke, Class 3

2nd - Sam Radburn, Class 3

3rd - Annabelle Griffin, Class 5

Their prizes are a mug for 1st prize, a fridge magnet for 2nd prize and a pen for 3rd prize:-

Key Stage One


 A - Daisy Bowler, Class 1                                                    B - Carys Powell, Class 2


C - Oscar Fenner, Class 2                                                D - Charlie Wainwright, Class 1


E - Sophia Jenner, Class 1                                                     F - William Gibson, Class 2


 G - Elsie Allen, Class 2                                                           H - Matthew Hall, Class 1


I - Orla Jordan, Class 1                                                         J - Maya Darby-Dowman, Class 2

K - Dylan Varnam, Class 1


L - Jess Trevers, Class 1                                                            M - Harry Johnson, Class R

Key Stage Two


A - Lyla Allen, Class 5                                                         B - William Newham, Class 5


C - George Buckley, Class 6                                             D - Sophie Wainwright, Class 4


E - Sam Radburn, Class 3                                                      F - Jack Gibson, Class 4


G - Michelle Francis, Class 5                                          H - Melissa Francis, Class 5

I - Alex Chadborn, Class 4


J - Annabelle Griffin, Class 5

K - Alex Cooke, Class 3

L - Ellie Trevers, Class 3

M - Josie Herrington, Class 6                                           N - Florence Reid, Class 3

O - Gracie Clifford-Jones, Class 5

VE Day Competition

As VE Day 75 is approaching, Friday 8th May 2020, we would like you to find out what Victory in Europe is all about. Once you have found out some facts we would like you to create a poster or write a poem to celebrate the day. We will judge the posters and poems together and there will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for KS2 and also for KS1.

Here are a few websites that you may find useful:-