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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Welcome from Miss Hussey

Welcome to Cropwell Bishop Primary School, a Co-educational Day School for pupils aged 5-11. If you and your child are joining our school community for the first time we look forward to a positive and successful partnership. If you already have a child here, we are pleased to renew the links between us.


Several years ago we formed The Acorn Federation with Burton Joyce Primary School. This has already established positive learning outcomes for the teachers and pupils. Following the success of this partnership we have formed a Multi Academy Trust “Equals Trust” with 7 other primary schools in the local area to continue to work together for the benefit of all the children in our communities.


The whole ethos of the school is one of high attainment and achievement, co-operation and awareness of others and their needs. We aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences where children will gain a positive self-image to help them on their path as successful and happy, lifelong learners. There are many opportunities for children to develop their skills whatever their level of ability, and to achieve their personal greatness, in an environment of equal opportunity, irrespective of race, gender, religion, disability and intellect. It is important for us that we provide as many opportunities as possible at this age, so that children will have many experiences to develop their skills and abilities.


Indeed, we see the development of your child as a partnership between us, where we work together and learn together to achieve personal greatness. A warm invitation is extended to parents and families to attend all functions arranged by both the school and the Friends of the School (FOS).


Our vision and aims                                                                                                                           

We will provide our children with a safe, happy and nurturing environment.                   

We will inspire our children to fulfil their own potential in all areas of learning and in their personal development.

We will give our children the confidence to persevere where they may find challenges in learning and in life.

Above all children will be at the centre of all we do.


To ensure the children can achieve the goals in the mission statement we have four school values that sit at the heart of our school -  PRIDE, PERSEVERANCE, KINDNESS and RESPECT


At Cropwell Bishop Primary School you can be assured that your child’s first steps on the ladder of education will be both happy and fulfilling. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into the community of our School.

Miss L Hussey

Head Teacher