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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Working from home grid - 20.4.20 to 24.4.20

Please click on the attached 'Working from home grid' to find the work set for you

for Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April 2020.

Have fun

Mrs Bird

Monday 20th April 2020                                                                          

Dear Class R,

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!

Well done to those of you who had a go at any of the Easter activities including the bonnet making, egg decorating and the Easter reading race (Fred was especially impressed with this!)

During the first half of the Summer term, Class R embark on a brand-new learning topic. Most of our learning activities will be based around the topic of ‘Let it Grow!’ We will investigate and enjoy the wonders of nature. We begin with magnificent mini beasts and will move on to seeds, plants and fabulous flowers and finally explore life down on the farm!

The website will continue to be updated with learning grids with suggested activities based around our new topic. A new addition to this will be a PowerPoint presentation and a weekly phonics planning grid. The summer term is when your child is introduced to Phase 4 phonics. This resource will enable you to deliver four short phonics sessions a week. I have made a YouTube tutorial for the grownups, on the ‘Mrs Bird’s Home Learning’ channel. The tutorial (hopefully) helps explain what the slides will cover and how to use it. These are simply the resources I have produced and use in the classroom and have made available to you at home. My aim is to bring a little bit of normality and familiarity to the children and a helpful resource to the adults, hopefully not unnecessary stress nor pressure.

As I highlighted in the previous letter, if you are wondering what kind of areas to cover at home, regular practice of basic mental arithmetic of +1 -1, simple sums, numeral recognition and writing simple lists, labels and sentences are all fundamental skills in Foundation Stage 2. Short, incidental and child lead learning experiences will be most effective. But above all, have fun and enjoy this precious time with your child at the incredible, imaginative and hilarious age they are.

Hope to see you all very soon!

Keep up the brilliant work 😊

Mrs Bird