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Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Working from home grid - 25.3.20 to 3.4.20

Please click on the attached 'Working from home grid' to find the work set for you for Wednesday 25th March until Friday 3rd April 2020.

Have fun

Mrs Simpson

Hello Class Four - Friday 3rd April 2020

Hope you’re all keeping well and getting used to not coming into school. These are certainly unusual times and everyone is having to adapt to new routines. My day is somewhat quieter than being in the classroom with you (!), but busy nonetheless. I am looking after my two big boys and taking my daily exercise walking my sausage dog, Monty. He is in doggy heaven never having to be left alone while we go to work or school and having people to fuss him all the time!

As well as being on the rota for looking after children in school, I’m planning work for next term and beyond. Talking of which, please remember to have a go at the activities in the home learning grids which round off our study of North America which you enjoyed and worked so hard at.

I am now working on activities for our summer topic, Home & Away, with more details to follow after Easter. In the meantime, we have set up an Easter Reading Race to help keep you occupied. Remember, reading can take you to all kinds of places, so it’s a wonderful escape when you are stuck at home! Read 8 books to earn Bronze, 10 for Silver and 12 for Gold! Details including links to reading sites and how to get your certificates are on the school website. Go, Class Four! I’m sure you can all be winners!

Please be kind and helpful to your grown- ups and other people in your family. As April approaches, (avril en français), let’s hope for plenty of sunshine to lift the spirits and remember to share your chocolate eggs – I’m pretty sure the Easter Bunny will still be delivering!

Stay safe.


Mrs Simpson

Hello Class 4 - Friday 3rd April 2020            

I hope you are all happy, well and managing to keep busy. It’s certainly a strange time for us all but it’s important we keep our minds and bodies active and be kind to each other. It really is great to see so many positive things happening in communities all around as people pull together. I’m sure you’re doing your bit to help your families as they juggle working and spending time with you. I’m looking forward to hearing about all of the new things you’ve been up to and whether any of you have found any exciting new hobbies or discovered new skills.

In our house we are keeping busy walking our dog, catching up with friends and family over video calls and cooking. So far my boys have made Chilli, Blackberry and Apple Crumble, Bolognese, Cinnamon Buns, Banana, Chocolate chip and Walnut Cake and Risotto! The best thing of all is that we have a 9 week old kitten! He is a ginger tom (a boy) and is absolutely beautiful. We have called him Simba and he has the biggest paws you have ever seen! It’s playtime here all day long!

Keep smiling Class 4. I miss our Mondays so I hope it’s not too long before we will all be together again. The sunny days are nearly here and we have a summer long of light nights to look forward to so make the most!

Love from

Mrs Palmer